One-Time Payment

€ 350 EUR

There's no subscription fee. Instead, you pay a one-time fee of €350 for lifetime access to all the features mentioned.

Unlimited Job Posts

  • Post an unlimited number of job listings without additional fees, allowing employers to scale
    their hiring efforts efficiently.

Featured Job Posts

  • Highlight job listings to increase visibility and attract more attention from job seekers. Featured
    posts typically appear at the top of search results and category pages.

Multi-Platform Exposure

  • Share job posts across major social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) to
    reach a broader audience and maximize exposure.

Community Sharing

  • Promote job posts within relevant social media groups and communities, leveraging networks to
    expand reach and engagement.

Email Campaign Inclusion

  • Feature job posts in targeted email campaigns sent directly to potential candidates’ inboxes,
    ensuring direct visibility and engagement.

Company Profile Page

  • Access a professional company profile page to enhance employer branding, showcase company
    culture, and attract top talent.

Regular Updates

  • Receive detailed updates on the performance of social media campaigns, including metrics such
    as reach, engagement, and click-through rates.

Custom URL

  • Obtain a custom URL for your company profile page, making it easier to share and remember, thus
    enhancing brand visibility.

Live Chat Support for Candidates

  • Provide live chat support on your profile page to assist candidates with questions, applications, and
    inquiries in real-time.

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Once you've bought your plan, go to the "Post a job" section and submit your job listing there.

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