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21 Property Finder Ltd is a Registered and Licensed real estate office RN1022, LN505/E operating in Cyprus.

Currently we have over 10,000 properties in all districts of Cyprus and customers wishing to view, rent or buy these properties. All our staff team is trained, and now we are looking to add a few selected members to join and train.


The work entails mainly listing and viewing properties with customers. A typical day may include any or all the following:

  • Calling prospective clients to book a listing appointment
  • Calling prospective customers to filter, research properties and then book a viewing appointment
  • Listing appointment at property, taking pictures, filling in details.
  • Upload on system details of listing with photographs
  • Viewing properties with prospective customers.
  • Arranging meeting at the office to close property with the office Manager
  • And other real estate activities


  • Own means of transport.
  • Ability to speak English, if you can also speak Greek it would be additional factor.
  • Be a team player, like professional interaction and appreciate properties in general.
  • Real estate knowledge is not necessary

Working Highlights

  • Reward: Reward based on results.
  • Office hours: free and you may select which to work and when.
  • Our office is open from 09:00-18:00 Mon-Fri
  • Seminars: Seminars are free, and provide both basic and advanced real estate training as well training on our CRM and Public system. There are twelve seminars and include topics such as: requirements of real estate practises in Cyprus, What it takes to be a real estate consultant, How to approach customers and clients for success, Career planning etc

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